We're Neighbors Just Like You -All Volunteering to Support our Local Park

And it’s not always a linear process as you would expect.  It gets passionate and sometimes off-track.  But that’s the beauty of volunteering side by side with your neighbors and friends for the benefit of your neighborhood park.

And like most in the early stages of any worthy effort, we recognized pretty early on there’s tremendous value in leading off with strong leadership and a known history of prior experience. The effort has to reflect credibility, respect and trust in order to get off the ground—let alone succeed over time.

Since 2009, our efforts have followed this philosophy. We recognize the value of surrounding all of our efforts with a stellar group of well respected individuals stemming from our local community.  Each individual on our committee is a volunteer who has a known history in the many areas such as community advocacy, successful park project leadership and outstanding fund raising expertise to meet these goals.

One of the primary goals of forming a small, advisory committee is to support the continued outreach as we progress each year across park improvements, public safety and implementing successful park projects through healthy funding. 

You can learn more about their individual accomplishments in the About Us section.