Check-In / Confirmation

Don't see your name on the list?  Feel like doing something special to support neighborhood parks? We sure hope so!  Sign-Up to Volunteer at this Event.  You'll be glad you did! 

Attention Volunteers:  SF Recreation and Parks is requesting that each volunteer ** bring gloves** for this event.  SF RPD will supply standard gloves on site but many times they are either too big or too small.  

1  Steve Cismowski (SF RPD)  Set-Up / Equipment / Tool Station / Clean-Up  Yes  8am-3pm    
2 Robert K.  Set-Up / Volunteer Check-In / Tents / Clean-Up  Yes  8am-3pm    
3  Karl H.  Set-Up / Volunteer Check-In / Tents / Clean-Up  Yes  8am-3pm    
4  Marjorie G.  Set-Up / Tent(s) /T-Shirts/ Clean-Up  Yes  8am-3pm    
5  Joyce B.  Set-Up / Tent(s) / Food Prep / Clean-Up  Yes  8am-3pm    
6  John J.  Set-Up / BBQ / Cook / Clean-Up  Yes  10am-1pm    
7  Sarah R.  Set-Up / 2012 Park Design Gallery / Clean-Up  Yes  11am-1pm    
8  Sandy C.  Set-Up / Food Court/ BBQ / Clean-Up  Yes  8am-3pm    
9  Lollie O.  Set-Up / Tents / T-Shirts /Clean-Up  Yes  9am-3pm    
10  Galateia K.  Jubilee Jumpy House  Yes  11am-1pm    
11  Eugene C. (DSA)  Set-Up / BBQ / Clean-Up  Yes 10am-1pm    
12 Dick M.  Set-Up / Volunteer Check-In / Tents / Clean-Up  Yes 11am-1pm    
13 Ofr. Chantelle  Set-Up / Volunteer Check-In / Tents / Clean-Up Yes 7am-3pm    
1  Susan J.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm (2)  
2  Jeff G.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
3  Tom E.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
4  Monica M.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
5  Anna D.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
6  Dan B.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
7  Martha K.  Children's Playground  Yes   9am-12pm  (1)  
8  Garth S.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
9  Justin R.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
10 Chae R.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm  (2) 20%
11  James P.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
12 Supervisor Malia Cohen   Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
13 Richard D.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
14 Iris F.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
15 Aly T.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
16 Zachary M.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
17 Community Youth Center  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
18 Community Youth Center  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
19 Community Youth Center  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
20 Community Youth Center  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm   40%
21 Community Youth Center  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
22 Sarah C.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
23 Timothy K.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
24 Jose R. (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
25 Me. Aquino (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
26 Mr. Aquino (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
27 Azeena H. (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
28 Bo Y. (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
29 Junian Y. (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
30 Amelie S. (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm   60%
31 Josiah T.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
32 Rick K. (DSA)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
33 Clive C.(DSA)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
34 Daniel R.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
35 Ms. Daniel R.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
36 Steven Rios (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
37 Xin Wang (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
38 Caroline Belmont (JF)  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
39 Glen K.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
40 McCrea C.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm   80%
41 Klaudia B.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm (2)  
42 Courtney T.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm (2)  
43 Tom H.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
44 Andrew D.  Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
45    Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
46    Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
47    Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
48    Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
49    Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm    
50    Children's Playground  Yes  9am-12pm   100%
          GOAL (50)