Welcome to McKinley Square Park!

Below you will find the Volunteer Guidelines provided by San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. 


  • Wear gloves and use tools provided in ways demonstrated by work crew supervisor.
  • “Eyes before hands.”  When picking up trash from under bushes, behind trees, and under benches, use the tool provided to pull things out where you can see them.  Then pick them up.
  • Be aware of the locations of other workers and members of the public to ensure your safety and theirs.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Wear long sleeves, long pants, and closed–toed shoes (ideally boots); you may be working around poison oak or blackberries.
  • Avoid picking up broken glass and hypodermic needles
  • Drink water to avoid dehydration.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to use power tools, or apply herbicides/pesticides.

Work Site:

  • Stack debris out of the way of public but still accessible to staff trucks.  Stack cut branches with butt end to road.  Keep bagged trash separate from organic debris, weeds separate from brush.  Pile weeds to be picked up in small piles (handled by one swoop of pitchfork) so that staff can easily load truck. 
  • Stow tools properly.
  • Work in pairs or groups.

Public Relations:

  • You represent the City‘s Recreation and Park Department, please be polite and helpful to visitors. Volunteers are to follow the City’s Respect in the Workplace Policy.
  • The supervising gardener is your host; respect his/her knowledge and experience.  Park gardening is not the same as home gardening.  Ask questions and seek assistance when you are not sure.
  • Help us recruit more volunteers.  Bring friends, co-workers, kids, and mates.

The work you are doing is important!

  • Pulling weeds, and mulching limits use of sprays.
  • Clean-ups improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.
  • Volunteers with an understanding of park needs contribute to a supportive and informed constituency.
  • Volunteers attract other forms of support—in kind donations of services, supplies, and grants.

Thank you for coming out and joining us in this great effort.  Your support of McKinley Square Park and the many open space areas are very much appreciated by our neighborhood. We are grateful to facilitate and host this volunteer Day of Service for you.                

                                                                             Friends of McKinley Square Park Foundation

FAQs for US OPEN EVENT [2012]

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers:

→ How large is the event this year? 

There is a great article is the Saturday, June 9th SF Chronicle titled SF all set for U.S. Open, parking, shuttles and traffic.  Click here to get the latest information.  

→ How much will McKinley Square Park Foundation expect to make?

Our partner management group does not guarantee a minimum payment per shift that our organization fulfills.  This per shift payment is dependent on net sales (gross sales after tax) of the concession program.  Several factors impact concession sales including but not limited to, weather, attendance, and performance of prominent players.  The final per shift amount will be multiplied by the number of shifts your organization fulfills with a donation arriving 30-60 days after the tournament.

Important Note:  All tips received during the event are for the benefit of the McKinley Square Park Foundation. Tips are to be placed into the area below the register or in a secure location [i.e. fanny packs]. Team leaders assigned for each shift will be responsible for all tips received and make arrangements with the McKinley Square volunteer coordinator after the tournament is completed.   

→What is a FULL shift, and how is the shift accounted for?

Generally schedules are either a morning shift, mid morning shift or an afternoon shift for each concession stand.  A full shift is working the entire scheduled time for either a morning or an afternoon shift.  For example, if you are working the morning shift on Thursday in Tent C from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm, you are expected to be signed in at Tent C at 8:00 and then work until 2:00.  Please refer to the concession schedule provided to see the exact shift times for your specific tent.  If a volunteer arrives late or leaves early (without permission from the Tent Manager) that volunteer will not receive full credit for volunteering.  At the end of the Championship, the number of shifts completed by each organization will be tallied from the sign in sheets from each tent.  Volunteers are commonly moved around to accommodate the crowds located throughout the golf course, your volunteers might be asked to move to another location, they still must sign in and out of the tents they work.

Please make sure all volunteers have signed in and out of the tent properly with their full name and also have indicated they are with your organization.  Failing to do so may result in not receiving credit for their work.

→ How is the donation payable to the McKinley Square Park Foundation organization?

The calculation that is used to determine how much each group makes is as follows:

The management company who we have partnered with will take the gross commissionable sales for the Championship, and subtract out bar sales and any other 3rd party vendor sales. Then they will subtract the applicable sales tax, leaving us with net commissionable.  Then they will take 8% of the net commissionable sales giving us the total payment available for the volunteer pool. This amount is divided by the total number of volunteer shifts offered for the Championship, this figure then provides a dollar amount per shift. Please understand that they poll all the tents together; that way all organizations are working toward the same result.

Please note: this is a per shift rate which should not be confused with an hourly rate.  They will then add up all the shifts that our organization completes (they obtain this number by counting the sign in sheets from each concession stand) and multiply that by the per shift amount, which then provides us the grand total for our organization.  Therefore; the more shifts our group completes, the more our organization will earn for McKinley Square.

**Volunteers are commonly moved around to accommodate the crowds located throughout the course and those volunteers will still be able to receive credit if they are asked to move to another location**

→ Will there be parking available for Volunteers?

Complementary parking will be available at two locations:

1) Candle Stick Parking Lot C with shuttle service to and from the Olympic Club for all concession volunteers for the day in which they are volunteering.  Please arrive at Candle Stick Park at least 45 minutes before your shift is scheduled to begin.  Shuttles can take up 20-30 minutes to and from the venue depending on traffic.

2) SFSU Garage
is available for volunteers working Monday through Thursday.  If you would like to pick-up your FREE parking passes for the above days, please contact joyce@mckinleysquarepark.org.  Parking passes are on a first come --first serve basis.  

→ What time is Close?

Management will close a tent once play has completely passed through a specific location and an announcement has been made by the tent manager.  Close is typically a half hour after play has gone through that location.  The tent manager will instruct the volunteers to do closing procedures and get the location ready for the next day. The manager will let the volunteers know when it is time to go.  At this time, all volunteers will need to sign out. 

**If you tent closes before the end of your shift and there is a need for more assistance elsewhere on course your organization participation is greatly appreciated and will be compensated accordingly.

→ How will volunteers know where to go once they arrive at the event?  Where can volunteers pick up their credential/admissions pass?

There will be a Catering/Volunteer Check-In Tent near the main gate.  All volunteers will be asked to check in at this tent prior to entering the Championship.  Please remember to note "McKinley Square Park" as the organization you are volunteering with. Once checked in, volunteers will be given a credential, and a map with directions to their scheduled concession tent. Each credential will allow each individual access to their scheduled concession tent as well as give them access to the course for the remaining part of the day if they should choose to watch golf. Volunteers will receive only one credential for the day they are working. If a volunteer is working multiple days, he or she will have to check in daily to receive his/her credential.  A volunteer representative from McKinley Square Park Foundation will need to be at the check-in, one half hour prior to the first check-in time, in order to hand out the credentials to our volunteers.

→ What should the concession volunteers wear?

Management is asking each volunteer to wear a clean non-logo white collard shirt and khaki shorts or pants.  No denim or Cargo shorts/pants allowed.  Shorts may not be shorter than five inches above the knee. Please keep in mind that we are representing not only the Management Group and our organization, but the PGA as well. They strive for a clean, crisp uniformed look. 

→ What type of shoes should volunteers wear?

We recommend all volunteers wear COMFORTABLE athletic shoes. Keep in mind there are no carts available to transport volunteers, therefore all volunteers will need to walk to their location and a good part of the day will be spent on their feet. NO open-toed shoes or sandals of any kind will be allowed. ANYONE WEARING “FLIP FLOPS” will be asked to leave and will not receive credit for their shifts

→ Can we bring a backpack or purse?

All the bags you bring into the Tournament are subject to search.  No bags larger than 8’’W x 8’’H x 8’’D will be allowed into the championship. Personal belongings cannot be larger than a small bag or fanny pack.  There is no specific place for volunteers to put their bags, although if they so choose, they can put them under the counters in the concession stand in which they have been assigned.  Management and the PGA are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Items not allowed to be brought onto the grounds include but not limited to: cellular phones, cameras or camcorders (only allowed Monday-Wednesday), food or beverage, lawn or folding chairs, weapons, or any other items deemed unlawful or dangerous.  If you have any of these items they will be confiscated before entering the Championship.

→ Will there be anyone there to help us?

Management will have at least one manager working in each location. Their managers are well trained in high volume food sales and sanitation policies.  They will be in each location all day to make sure that the tent is run efficiently. Management’s tent manager will monitor food production, inventory and be responsible for the money.  You will not be asked to count inventory or money generated at the end of the day.  Management and managers will answer any questions and guide our volunteers through a successful day.

→ What kind of food and beverages will we be serving in the concession tents?

Some of the items you will be preparing and selling include: Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches, Potato Chips, Candy Bars, Breakfast Muffins, Fruit, Ice Cream, Sodas, Orange Juice, Beer, Coffee, Bottled Water, and Lemonade.

→ Can volunteers take a break during the day?

Each tent manager will allow volunteers to take breaks throughout the day when it is the appropriate time. If a volunteer leaves during their break and does not return to work for the rest of their shift, credit for that individual shift will not be given to our organization.  Please be sure to sign-in/sign-out or we will not receive a donation for your efforts.

→ What can volunteers eat on their break?

For every shift worked, Management will provide one meal to each volunteer. Each person is allowed to have a hot item (hot dog, cheeseburger, or chicken sandwich); a snack (bag of chips, candy bar or piece of fruit) and a non-alcoholic drink (soda, water, lemonade or iced tea).

→ How old do Volunteers need to be in order to volunteer?

Since they do serve beer in all locations they are requiring that each volunteer be over the age of 18, unless there is approval from event organizers for anyone younger than this to participate.  Decisions will be made on a group by group basis.

If you have more questions, please email joyce@mckinleysquarepark.org