Master Plan & Funding Options
When it comes to supporting San Francisco Recreation and Parks in making much needed improvements and repairs at a park like McKinley Square; the most important way we can do that as a community is to work together on a plan that promotes safe, equitable spaces for all.

Below is a short list of  "deliverables" our 501c organization is proud to have sponsored in partnership with SF RPD, Studio Green and our McKinley Square community.

Examples of Studio Green's Portfolio which includes Franklin Square, McKinley Square, Vermont St. Park, SFUSD School Playgrounds can be found on their website.

Each link demonstrates new documentation that did not exist before we got started back 2009.  They include legal park descriptions, concept drawings, budgets, maps, architectural landscape designs and priority surveys based on community feedback and workshops.  

These documents are now an important part of our communities "Funding Resource Tool Chest" as we enter into Phase II of our Funding Campaign scheduled to begin in the Fall of 2013.  

SF Recreation & Parks Department 2011-2012 Master Planning Series
The community outreach, neighborhood meetings and master planning process for McKinley Square park began back in 2009 with a few small meetings thanks to the support of many friends of the park.  Larger meetings continued for the next couple of years until SF RPD gave us the "Green Light" to begin the official park planning process under their guidelines. These processes can average 3-8 years in length so we are on track even when it seems nothing is progressing.

The official SF Recreation and Parks Department 5-part community design and meeting process begin in early March of 2011 with a first community meeting in August which followed with 4 additional meetings  completing in mid-January 2012.  

The series was hosted by SF Recreation and Parks Department with professional meeting facilitation by John Merten, Studio Green Landscape Design.

McKinley Square Master Plan Concept Drawing Only

McKinley Square Project Drawings By Designated Use and Location:

Master Plan for McKinley Square: Phasing Cost Breakdown by Project

Master Plan for McKinley Square: Project Design Site Map

McKinley Square Community Priority Survey

If you would like to take a peek at how these meetings went, you can see hours of video coverage on YouTube using keyword search terms "McKinley Square Meetings".