Designated Park Areas and Hours

Welcome to McKinley Square Park

Named for the graceful park at its center, the McKinley Square neighborhood is one of five founding communities dating back to the late 1870s.  The list of 22 historical parks includes Union Square, Frankin Square, Jackson Square, Golden Gate Park alongside 17 other San Francisco locations.

The park is located in southeastern corridor of San Francisco's District 10, known as Potrero Hill.  McKinley Square offers three specific recreation zones known as Designated Park Areas (DPAs).  SF RPD assigns the DPA and legal descriptions to identify specific park use and guidelines for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Multiple Entrances & Designated Park Areas for Everyone!

The main entrance is surrounded by 3ft. historical walls circa 1930s, a fan shaped arched staircase leading park visitors up the grand staircase at 20th and Vermont St.

This primary location offers easy access to each of the three Designated Park Areas (DPAs) designed to benefit all park visitors.

I. Children's Playground:

The first DPA is the Children’s Playground which was funded and installed in 1999 thanks to Potrero Hill families and friends working together in partnership SF RPD.  The area is dedicated for safe use by families with toddlers and children under the age of 9 years old.

This area is fenced and marked with signage that requires the presence of an adult at all times, no alcohol or smoking.  This is a dog free zone at all times.  There are dedicated picnic tables and benches located in the gated areas.  The picnic tables are available by making a reservation for permitted special events like birthdays.

II. Multi-Use Open Space: Turf, Benches and View Areas:

Like most parks in San Francisco,  multi-use and open space areas come with specific guidelines (codes) intend to provide safe enjoyment for all.  For this particular DPA; city code and park signage require dogs to be leashed at all times for peaceful enjoyment.

Because of the higher foot traffic happening at this particular location, the need for continued repairs to turf, irrigation and benches occur here more often than other locations.  The most recent example of repairs occurred in early 2013 requiring this DPA to be closed for (60) days while the area was cleared, cleaned and completely replaced with fresh, healthy grass.  This was the 6th turf restoration project since 1999 with an estimated total cost of damages caused at 300K.

III. Multi-Use Open Space:  Native Areas, Western Views and Off-Leash Dog Play

This DPA is known for it's incredible views, walking paths and designation for off-leash dog play area. It is referred to by locals as the western hillside.

The majority of this open space remains in it's original, rustic condition with a mix of both native and non-native species.  Amazing views and newly updated walking paths for all make this a fun day for all.  This DPA is approximately 2 acres of usable open space.

Southern Vermont Street Entrance & "Twisty Hill"

The Vermont at 21st entrance offers a unique perspective of the park with circa 1930s staircase located at the southern edge.  This entrance is adjacent the open space owned by the Department of Public Works.  Locals refer to this area as the "Enclave".  This entrance and general area is historically referenced as "Twisty Hill"  dating back to 1856 books and newspaper articles.

Park Hours: 6:00am to 10:00pm Every Day.